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What if you could spend 10 minutes today, go to sleep, and wake up in the morning with requests from hot girls or swinging couples for any kind of sexual adventure you were hoping to find?  Would you do it?

Just last night my girlfriend and I put up a free profile on an Adult Dating site.  By this morning we had multiple requests for more contact.  If you want to see the site we used, just CLICK HERE.

Now, to keep things in perspective.  We do not look anything like the couple in this picture.  We are much more common looking.  But, one of the girls who contacted my girlfriend looks much like this one.  She was asking if she was really serious about sharing our bed, and it was not just “his fantasy”.   They are having coffee tomorrow to see if they like each other, I’m not “allowed” to be there.

We were contacted by another couple who is very similar to us.  They are a nice looking couple, but not model material.  Not sure if we will meet them yet, or not.  At this point we are all chatting online.  They seem very nice, and like a lot of fun.

The rest of the contacts as you might guess were from guys.  Nothing wrong with that, just because I’m straight does not mean we would not consider a threesome with the right guy.

We each setup a profile alone just for fun, too.  She wins, big time.  11 contacts overnight, I only had 3.  The 3 who contacted me are all very attractive ladies ranging from 5 years younger than me to 10 years older.  The older lady is drop dead gorgeous, SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL.  We just looked at her profile and it says “bisexual”.   She has a note in her inbox right now.  Hope we hear from her, Australian adult dating.

The guys who contacted my girlfriend range from 20 years old all the way to 62 years old.  This is where things get really funny.

My girlfriend contacted the 62 year old guy first.  She told him about being “involved” with me, but she thought he looked quite handsome and distinguished.  We found out he lives 5 minutes away from us.  He is dropping by this evening for dinner with us.  The funny thing…….You’ll have to wait until after our dinner for me to tell you the rest of the story.

By the way, if you want to see our profile, just let us know through the contact page.  We will tell you how to find us once you have signed up and can view the profiles.


P.S.  Do yourself a favor.  You do not need to sit around lonely and horny.  There are over 35 million members on the site we are using, and when I last checked over 100,000 were online right now.  If you want to get laid or fulfill your sexual fantasy, the only thing stopping you is you.  Send us a note when you fill out your profile, we would love to look at it. It is FREE when you Click Here Now!

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